Aleksandra Fedotova challenges legitimacy of constructing a residential complex within the territory of one of Kyiv plants

A large residential complex is planned to be built within the site where the facilities of Galakton plant are located near Levoberezhnaya metro station.  Notwithstanding that the developer has already established a sales office, prospective purchasers are at risk of facing legal problems in the future.

Aleksandra Fedotova, a Partner at Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, comments the situation onPravdaTutTV-channel.  She challenged the legitimacy of this housing development in the absence no elaborated territory plan. The Law of Ukraine on Urban Development stipulates that the functional profile of a land plot can not be changed unless it is in line with the urban development documents. In this case – in line with an elaborated territory plan’, – she noted.

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